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Automated Access Doors

Automatic entrance systems provide a safe, efficient and convenient means of access and egress to a building. They are perfect for busy entrances and also throughout a building, swing doors are perfect where space is limited and bi-part sliding doors are frequently used in lobbies.

Automatic entrance systems are not only attractive but functional as well:

  • Maintaining an even temperature.
  • Providing access for all.
  • Enabling compliance with the DDA.
  • Offering security.

DDA Disability Discrimination/Equality Act - Implications to Automatic Doors

Design Options:

Automated Door 1

Automated Door 2

Automated Door 3

Access and Egress - Access Control and Automatic Doors

Where access control is installed, the following, as per the BSIA (British Standard Industry Association) “A Guide to Assist in Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (now Equality Act 2010)” should be considered.


Access doors should be so designed as to permit operation by one person in a single motion with little effort. Power-operated doors are preferred for people with disabilities.

Automatic Doors

Can be of the sliding or swinging type. In general sliding doors are preferable to swinging doors.

Pivoted Doors

Should swing away from the direction of travel wherever possible. Pivoted doors in series are considered as vestibules.

Sliding and Folding Doors

Manual sliding and folding doors are recommended for narrow spaces not heavily used by the public.

Automatic Doors Hardware

Automatic doors can be activated by:

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