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When choosing your new electric gate it is very important that you have the correct method of automation. We are happy to advise you on a system that suits both your budget and your needs. We have over 28 years experience within the electric gate industry, so you can rest assured that the advice we give you will be correct. Existing gates can normally be automated; however depending on how the gate is hung will determine which type of motor that can be used. There are three options available; Underground motors, Rams and Sliding gate motors.

Underground Motors

The underground motor is our premier product offering the most aesthetically pleasing and quiet operated automation system. The motor is one of our most popular and is recommended for new and existing swing gates. The motor will operate a gate of up to two and a half metres in width per leaf, and can open gates inwards or outwards. Opening angles can be achieved up to 180° although angles between 90 - 180 require an additional adaptor. The motors are non-reversible and therefore don't need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed.

The motor mechanics are buried within a secure galvanised steel underground foundation box so as to not compete with the aesthetics of your gates; all that can be seen is the steel lid covering the operating box. As the motors are contained underground, environmental noise intrusion is minimal.


The electrochemical ram operators are an extremely cost effective method of gate automation and are ideal where the gates are hung on posts, or close to the edge of the pillars. The rams are non-reversible and therefore do not need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed. Opening angles up to 110° depending on hinge position, may be achieved.

Oxley operators are designed for intense use; they are constructed of quality die-cast aluminium with stainless steel, bronze and steel parts. The fluid grease lubrication system, polyester powder-paint coating, self-lubricating worm gear and built-in thermal protection system ensure quiet operation and a long working life in all weather conditions.

Sliding Gate Motors

The sliding gate motor is also a popular choice, and can be installed to either wrought iron or solid timber gates. A sliding gate can be used where a rising drive up towards the house would prevent swing gates from opening, or where there is limited parking space and intrusion of a swing gate would reduce any potential parking space. Total gate weight is a more important factor than size with this motor, and is suitable for a sliding gate up to 1500kg.

Designed for intense use, the die-cast motor comprises of quality aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel parts. The motor benefits from the thermal overload protection, fluid grease lubrication, sturdy mechanical limit switches, built-in control unit, ABS protection cover, and polyester powder-paint coating to ensure the motor has a long lasting work life in any weather conditions.

Irreversible gear-motor ensures secure locking. Quiet in operation.


At Oxley gates we offer a full range of access controls and intercoms, whether it be a fully wired system or wireless, such as the radio or the GSM Sim based system. All of the intercoms we install have the option for built in key pad.

Digital Wireless Intercom

This system works on a radio signal. The handheld cordless phone sits in its own charger or can be with you in the garden or anywhere in the house.

When a visitor presses the intercom the phone will ring, when you answer the phone you can speak with your visitor and by pressing the entry button on your handset your gates will open allowing your visitor access onto your property.


GSM intercom

This intercom utilises mobile phone technology and essentially is a mobile phone. When a visitor presses the gate intercom call button, a call is placed to any programmed phone number, be it landline or mobile. Any quantity of numbers can be programmed and the gate intercom will ring each in turn until one is answered. Although there is a small cost each time the intercom is used, a £20 pay-as-you-go sim card is supplied and assuming call rates of less than 10ppm could last a year.

The big advantages of this intercom are:

  • No expensive cabling between the gate and the house.
  • The gate can be monitored even if you are not at home so possible intruders are unaware you are not at home.
  • The gate can be opened by your mobile phone anywhere in the world, convenient if you are expecting a delivery for instance.
  • Multiple houses on a gated development can be installed cost effectively.
  • Any programmed mobile phone number can open the gate, at no call cost, saving the cost of additional transmitters. Trades people working at your home, for instance can be programmed in for access then deleted immediately after they have finished.

Induction Loop

A coil of wire embedded into your drive surface detects vehicles as they pass over. It saves you from having to open your gate for visitors to leave. It can also be connected to a time clock to stop it working during hours of darkness and other selected times.

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