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High Speed Doors

Our High Speed Traffic Doors are ideal for use as an energy saving door and where extensive use is required. They are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, reliable and efficient. In busy working production conditions a typical Roller Shutter may take a significant amount of time to open and close reducing productivity. With a High Speed Door operating at 1 metre per second energy costs and temperature loss is reduced.

The High Speed Door Curtain is constructed from 4mm thick PVC sheet with Vision Panels, providing a barrier which:

  • Resists Air Currents.
  • Provides a Sound Barrier.
  • Has good Insulation Qualities.


Design Options:

High Speed Door 1

High Speed Door 2

High Speed Door 3

High Speed Door 4

Our High Speed Doors are fitted with hard wearing and low impact resistance acrylic end cassettes which are fitted to each side of the bottom rail. If the door is impacted, one or both cassettes break off reducing the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail. These cassettes can be replaced by on site maintenance personnel reducing down time and call out charges.

Safety Features
Two 24v AC Photo-electric safety beam (constantly monitored) are fitted providing a closing safety device. An electric safety edge system is fitted to bottom rail providing an instantaneous stop / reverse feature should the bottom rail come into contact with an object before it reaches the floor. The safety edge is also constantly monitored and programmable. A crank handle can be fitted to the bottom of the motor for manual operation.

The following options are available:

  • Induction loop vehicle detector
  • Remote push buttons.
  • Remote pull switches
  • Key fob / hand held / fork truck mounted transmitter units.
  • Radar movement detectors.
  • Remote photo electric cells.

CE Conformity
All doors conform to CE Marking Regulations.

Features & Benefits

  • Pest Control.
  • Atmosphere Control.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Improved Traffic Management.

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